Ingredient solutions for bakeries and pastry businesses.

Serving the Australian baking community for
over 35 years

Bakery Craft is Australia’s leading supplier of ingredients and specialty baking solutions. Offering frozen, chilled and ambient products, we supply the kitchens and factories of commercial and artisanal bakers, pastry chefs and baked goods’ manufacturers.

Backed by the buying power of Langdon Ingredients, we source globally and provide exclusive, local access to niche ingredients through our long-standing relationships with some of the world’s most innovative food manufacturers, baking specialists and wholefood producers.

From our warehouses in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney, to our inhouse product development kitchens, Bakery Craft offer customers a comprehensive product catalogue, deep category knowledge, and customised service.

Bakery Craft ingredients

Dried Fruit & Nuts

Elevate baking creations with our premium dried fruits and fresh nuts sourced from around the world.

Seeds & Grains

Add a wholesome, crunchy note to your baking preparations with fresh and toasted, whole and crushed seeds and grains.   

Functional Ingredients

Our technology based, yeast, enzyme and speciality ingredients come from some of the world’s most innovative baking solutions’ manufacturers.

IQF Fruit & Vegetables

Individually quick frozen to preserve natural flavours, colours and health benefits, our range of whole, diced and sliced fruits and vegetables includes berries, bananas, stone fruits, corn and spinach.


Bake with confidence knowing our range of bakers’ flours have been milled to deliver consistent performance across specific baking applications, from rolls to croissants, gluten-free pan breads to sweat yeast doughs.

Gluten Free

Catering to strict Australian gluten-free standards, our versatile range offers taste, texture and performance that will delight every taste.


Bolster your organic credentials with our range of ACO accredited dried fruits and nuts, flours, herbs and spices, grains and cocoas.

Custom Solutions

With help from our Product Development team, formulate bespoke blends, co-create health-conscious baked goods and optimise your formulations with latest, technology driven baking solutions.

Working with Bakery Craft

Australian bakers, pastry chefs and baked goods’ manufacturers have trusted in the reliability of Bakery Craft’s supply chain and consistency of our ingredients for nearly forty years. With the backing of our 165+ year old sister business, Langdon Ingredients, our offer is unparalleled:

  • Fulfil your entire shopping list across frozen, chilled and ambient categories, including conventional and speciality ranges
  • Benefit from Australia-wide warehousing and a dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles
  • Develop custom solutions and troubleshoot with help
    from our inhouse baker and product development team
  • Exclusive local access to technology-based yeasts, enzymes, flavours and speciality ingredients products from the world’s most innovative baking solutions manufacturers

What we offer


Christmas Yule Log (Bûche de Noël)

Symbolising the Medieval tradition of burning a yule log at Christmas time for good luck, the Yule Log Cake, or Bûche de Noël, is a festive, delicious treat for chocolate lovers that’s easier to make than it looks! Our version is a springy chocolate sponge cake filled with hazelnut chocolate cream and covered in dark … Continued

Celebrating Global Baking Opportunities

World celebrations are one of the key drivers of the bakery products market and the competition for creating sought-after items for sharing and gifting is fierce! From decadent Hot Cross Buns, to delicate Mooncakes, baked items are at the heart of many celebrations and religious holidays. Symbolising gratitude, offering hope for the year ahead or … Continued

Scrambling to manage costs? Is egg powder the answer?

“Bakeries operate on pretty thin margins at the best of times,” says Kieran Wollin, Technical Advisor and Product Developer for Bakery Craft and former baker himself.  “They are always on the lookout for ways to manage costs – without risking quality,” he says. When an outbreak of avian flu threatened egg and poultry farms in … Continued

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