Kardemummabullar (Swedish Cardamom Buns)

Even though we add a good dose of sourdough starter, these buns are not very sour. The Muscovado sugar and fresh ground cardamom lend a citrusy, spicy and herbal note to this very hygge treat! If your starter is not especially vibrant and bubbly, then adding the yeast will help with leavening. Makes 10 – … Continued

Sourdough Pancakes

An excellent way to use up your left-over starter on a lazy Sunday morning. The fermented flour adds a great complexity of flavour to a simple pancake recipe. They’re great with some deliciously ripe pear or persimmon and velvety Greek yogurt doused in maple syrup. Ingredients Wet Ingredients Leftover active sourdough starter – 125 grams … Continued

Baking booms in lockdown

As the world screeched to a halt this year, millions of quarantined, self-isolating and lockdown communities sought out new hobbies. Comforting indoor pastimes such as knitting and jigsaw puzzles boomed, but the most popular trend of all was surely baking. Cooking your way through anxiety is nothing new – but with millions confined to their … Continued