What’s the next bakery sensation?

No one may have seen the sourdough or banana bread explosion of 2020 coming, but we’re confident these five ingredient trends will dominate the bakery category in 2021:

1. Probiotics in bakery

Most probiotics are sensitive to heat, historically limiting their applications to the supplements and chilled dairy aisle. As consumers seek to introduce more beneficial gut-health ingredients to their diet, probiotic-fortified baked foods and snacks are a natural on-the-go solution. While probiotics can be added successfully to cereal bars and other baked goods as a topical, last-step (either spraying onto or incorporating into icing or toppings), new strains of heat-stable probiotics can now be added directly to the dough, remaining viable throughout the manufacturing process. In addition to more evenly distributing the microorganisms throughout the product, heat-stable probiotics expand the potential for creative new savoury and sweet applications. Expect marketers to double-down on foods that can be marked ‘probiotic enriched’.

2. Safety First

Pre-packaged items tamper evident seals, take-away dining and contactless delivery will remain important to health-conscious shoppers in 2021. Quality ingredients that deliver natural shelf stability – without compromising flavour, texture or clean label credentials – will be critical.

3. World baking centre stage

Chocolate babka had a moment during lockdown and the popularity of world baking looks set to continue well into 2021. Contemporary takes on Middle Eastern favourites such as knafeh (Middle Eastern sweet cheese pastry), lafa (Lebaanese bread crisps) and baklava, will push demand for exotic herbs, spices and dried fruits. Expect tart barberry, tangy sumac, rose harissa and za’atar to become new bakery staples. With the Tokyo Olympics set for mid-year, miso caramel could be a sophisticated sweet/savoury combination for bakers to tap into the trend for Japanese flavours.

4. Vegan-friendly swaps

Marketers will continue to push their PD teams to lift the vegan credentials of baked goods as plant-based diets become mainstream. Dairy alternatives such as almond, oat and coconut milk, as well as cashew nut cream, will be hero ingredients, while aquafaba (the liquid from soaked chickpeas) will drive an upswing in egg-free creations that are as airy and light as the real thing.

5. Colourful bakes

The addition of natural, dehydrated vegetable and fruit powders to lattes and smoothies has been wowing the Instagram crowd for years – now it’s time for breads, pastas and crackers to go hypercolour!  Beetroot, carrot and broccoli are standouts adding a subtle earthy-flavour and powerful antioxidant punch to satisfy “taste plus health” demands.

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